2020 the year of less travel and more beading!

Mr. McGee has been working a lot of overtime since the pandemic has kept us from being able to travel. The down side (other than our lack of time together) is that it gives me way too much free time on my hands and the reason I finished another necklace this week. Pretty soon I’ll need a bigger jewelry box! For that reason I’m learning to use my seed beads for other things.

See the cool little rock with our logo? I figured we might place it randomly in a few of the photographs I take when we are traveling. You know, to prove we’ve actually been there. The idea came to me when we found a friendship rock during one of our local hikes. I know it’s not quite the same thing, but similar.

Well, when my son saw it he had the great idea of us hiding them around the country and giving him a list of the corresponding GPS coordinates. His goal would be to find as many of our beaded rocks as he could.

I thought that was a pretty neat idea – sort of a Geocache for family.

Obviously I’d have to check into the legality of putting things were they don’t belong. I only use glass beads so there is no plastic to damage the environment and they are fixed to an actual rock. However, I’m sure there are other considerations I haven’t even thought about. If we can’t do the little rock thing, we’ll have to figure something else out.

Anyway, just the fact that we’ve inspired him to get out and see the world is all that really matters.

It’s been our hope to inspire just one person to take an adventure that they might never have thought of (or known about) before finding one of these weekly stories. If we did, then all of the time and money we’ve put into this blog would be worth it. Who knew we’d get our wish so early on. Being the inspiration to someone we love – well that’s priceless – and has definitely given me the will to keep writing along.

That said, a new post about the next stop on our past travels comes out on Monday. Which brings me to a question: What is the best day to post? If you have an opinion please leave me a comment below.

And if you want to check out the other necklaces I’ve been making during our Covid-19 travel-less year, please feel free to click on the Handcrafted Jewelry page above.

Thanks for stopping by!

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