Coronavirus: Fishing: The Path


On July 1st Mr. McGee came home from work feeling ill. On July 2nd he was tested for the coronavirus. He suffered through 5 days of fever, chills, congestion and exhaustion before he started to feel a little better. The whole time we were anxiously awaiting his test results.

On July 11th he finally received his results and as we suspected he was positive for the virus. Since July 1st he has been out of work, recovering. We have been isolating, and practicing all the recommended social distancing measures waiting for the recommended 2 weeks to pass so he could be retested so that he could return to duty where he works. Except for a lingering cough (which he has had since a bout of pneumonia in his 30’s) his energy levels slowly returned and he’d been feeling better as each new day dawned until he finally received a negative result from a rapid-test performed at a local walk-in clinic and we knew his ordeal was finally over.


As we prepare to return to our normal day to day life we thought we could take you along on a little fishing trip. It’s not a grand adventure we will cherish forever, or is it? We hope you enjoy our crude but well intended video.

Although this was not the day of our biggest catch, or even in the top 100 of best days on the water, this was a day we will always remember. After 16 days of isolation and wondering if this will be one of those 4% of coronavirus cases that don’t end well for the patient and their families, you remember that tomorrow’s breath is never guaranteed. Even the simple times are days we will cherished. For that reason, this will be a fishing trip we will always remember.

The Path

Life is unpredictable and chaotic. The fear of not knowing reminded us to not let another minute pass without leaving things between us unsaid. The openness we practiced allowed us to draw even closer to each other. We had long, deep, and reflective conversations. We shared stories about our childhood (the good and the bad) and discovered things about each other we might have never known. One of those discoveries has lead us on path together that will change our marriage and our outlook on life forever.

Over the years, we had both assumed that the other was striving to embrace the beliefs and certain practices of those around us because it was what we each, individually, wanted. This couldn’t be further from the truth – further from our truth. Sometimes you can be in love to a fault!

There’s a liberating freedom in realizing and embracing who you are at the core, as well as what comes when you finally let go of the person you’re not. When we allowed ourselves to be truthful with each other a burden lifted from our shoulders. We can now express our ideas and practice as we please without judgement or expectation. We know this new path may not be acceptable to some of our family members. All we can do is respond with understanding.

I admittedly feel guilty sharing this part of our private life publicly because many will not emerge out of this pandemic with such a happy story. But by sharing this story it also serves as a reminder that although we’re all in this together our experiences are going to be different. For that reason I felt it prudent to share it.

Anyway, we hope you at least enjoyed the video. Thank you for indulging in our “ME” moment and hopefully you learned a little more about us. Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Fishing: The Path

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  1. Whoa! Glad it ended well for you two! Great video and these are some big fish you caught! There is nothing like a life and death scare to make you examine your life and make the changes that you should have made a while ago, is there? You are fortunate to be able to do this together! Stay safe!

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    1. It came on so sudden. One minute he was fine, the next he was pretty sick. Scared the you know what out of me. What an eye opener.

      Fishing is definitely our #2 – second only to traveling! It’s what keeps us sane (and grounded) as we dream about all the places we want to see when we finally retire. A few weeks on the road a year squeezing in what we can does not satisfy our wanderlust and I’m afraid if we didn’t spend as much time as we do in the great outdoors fishing and doing local hikes, we’d probably do something rash and try to figure out how to recover financially later. LOL!

      You two stay safe, also! Especially as you hit the road again. This creepy little virus doesn’t seem to care about anyone’s plans and vacation dreams.

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      1. I’ve not been tested for the active virus since it’s 1.) been over two weeks, 2.) I self-quarantined with him and3.) I never developed symptoms.

        As you may know there is a huge surge of cases here in Florida. The labs are really behind and test kits are running short in some places. Hubby is a first responder which is why it was important to get him tested ASAP. Due to my ongoing health problems I see my doctors quite frequently, the hospital rescheduled my appointments inline with their CDC guidelines. Meanwhile, I continue to self-isolate and take no unnecessary risk to further my possibility of new exposer. In a few weeks I’ll take the antibody test if my primary decides it’s necessary. I guess this is our new normal for a while until they can get a handle on this thing.

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