We’re going to Change – I promise!

We feel like we aren’t connecting 😦

I know this is in part because:

  • 1) The content we provide is widely available.
  • 2) We don’t do a lot of social media marketing. We don’t FACEBOOK (not now/not ever); we don’t get into twitter arguments or post mean tweets; and since we travel at times, we don’t Instagram in real-time because we don’t want our house to get robbed if we are on the road

Now we can’t really do anything about #1, but we can do something about #2.

In the past, we’ve tried to take the middle road and present information in a semi-professional way, while allowing a little of our personality to show through. That said, we feel like we aren’t connecting. Because of that we’re going to focus more time on our YouTube channel where we can let our quirky (sometimes immature) personalities shine. We want you to get to know us as humans, not words on a screen.

Starting April 1, we will begin making changes in both places. To see what we are up to, and why we are making these changes, watch the video below.

But let’s get this clear, we are not leaving!

We’ll continue to feature our travel adventures on our blog page, with updates about what we are doing and where we’ve been that will support and enhance our YouTube channel and our effort to connect with our viewers in a more personal way through video. In addition, we will be marketing Kim’s beaded jewelry and other merchandise to offset the cost of traveling, filming, and the website.

We hope you stick with us as we go through this transition and do all the stuff it takes to build a travel empire! (I’m joking!)

Mainly we wanted to let you know that we aren’t going anywhere. However, if things slow down a little it’s because we are working on making the website easier to navigate.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

Take care…

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