Bears, Cougars & BBQ in the Lincoln National Forest

You have just got to love the Desert. If ever there were a place in this world where you can learn to be alone with your thoughts and mindful of your surroundings it's in a place like this. It's no wonder that the Native American ancestors sought out these big skies and open plains. I... Continue Reading →

Missing the Desert and the Open Road!

I am so ROAMSICK! The desert is calling and I'm stuck here killing time making necklaces. If it's not the coronavirus causing a lockdown it's some other crisis beyond our control. Life is so unpredictable! Now for some bad news. I have an update on the trip planning front. It looks like we may have... Continue Reading →

Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

I have a confession to make. Before our trip I'd only seen the desert from 35,000 feet. From that altitude it looked pretty beige, unappealing, and lifeless. When Mr. McGee suggested going to the desert for our spring vacation I agreed (at first) because I love him and not because it was anywhere near the... Continue Reading →

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