Another Disappointing trip to Fort Matanzas National Monument

Date Visited: 12/7/2019 At this point in our travels we've grown accustomed to thwarted plans as our trip to Fort Matanzas in St. Augustine, Florida was about to be a disappointment for the second time. Our attempt to journey across the river and explore the fort (one that must be taken by the National Park... Continue Reading →

New Smyrna Sugar Mill Ruins

Date Visited: 5/7/2019 In past post I've mentioned that my perspective has changed as I get older. For instance, our next daytrip took us to a place I've visited many times as a child on both field trips and family outings. During those long lost years I was more fascinated by the rocks and the... Continue Reading →

Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

Date Visited: 4/27/2018 I have a confession to make. Before our trip I'd only seen the desert from 35,000 feet. From that altitude it looked pretty beige, unappealing, and lifeless. When Mr. McGee suggested going to the desert for our spring vacation I agreed (at first) because I love him and not because it was... Continue Reading →

Mammoths & Camels in Texas?

Date Visited: 4/25/2018 When I was a little girl I wanted to become a paleontologist - a real life down on bad knees, aching back, dirt under your nails, leather-skinned paleontologist. But life happens; college is expensive; I realized it probably wasn't a practical dream and I went into business management where I could receive... Continue Reading →

Florida’s Tallest Waterfall

Date Visited: 4/23/2018 Day one - Falling Waters State Park Our first adventure began with a little change in scenery. We left the space coast and headed toward the northwest corner of the state where we stopped at Falling Waters State Park to camp for the night. After driving for almost 8 hours, and crossing... Continue Reading →

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