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The Great American Road Trip has made a comeback, but with a twist. With our minimalistic approach to van camping, we'll show you how to travel the United States and explore the National Parks and State Parks while making travel more affordable with a few hacks. Do more in less time, with less money.

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Why we don’t wait for retirement to travel

Looking back through our vacation videos it's evident that the progression of Kim's heart disease has not slowed down. Although statins have reduced her cholesterol, beta blockers have controlled her tachycardia, and aspirin is supposed to be guarding against that first heart attack, her blood pressure, insulin levels, fatigue and headaches continue to worsen. Yet,... Continue Reading →

Most Comfortable Pants for HIKING!

Hi! Kim McGee here. Anyone that follows our travels knows that I have a problem with my weight. You've seen it go up and down by as much as 10 lbs. between videos. This makes it difficult to find comfortable clothes to hike in. That is, until I found Columbia Apparel and Shoes (affiliate link).... Continue Reading →

Everglades National Park

Date Visited: 12/09/2020 - 12/12/2020 We saw a top-secret missile base, car eating vultures, a horde of tree snails, the largest soft-shelled turtle we’ve ever seen and a whole lot of beautiful scenery during our three days stay at the Everglades National Park. We chose to visit Everglades during the winter while the temperatures were... Continue Reading →

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Date Visited: 12/09/2020 & 12/17/2021 As we left Jonathan Dickinson State Park in 2020, we had one more place we wanted to stop on our way to the Everglades National Park. Running along the east coast of Florida is Anastasia Limestone formation. We witnessed a small portion of this limestone outcropping during our trip to... Continue Reading →

Jonathan Dickinson State Park: Florida

The Beginning of our Next Road Trip: Destination Everglades National Park After spending several months day-tripping and exploring some of Florida's great state parks, we were ready to see what else the National Park System had to offer, and we really wanted to spend a week or so camping. With that virus thing still in... Continue Reading →

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