Hopkins Prairie: Sunsets & Chiggers

A long hot summer in Florida had passed since we took the trip that changed our lives forever. So when the first hint of cooler weather set in we headed to one of the three National Forests in Florida to spend a night away from the city. We chose to stay at Hopkins Prairie in... Continue Reading →

Clear Springs Campground

If you ever want to know more about your spouse or loved one, just spend a few days on the road. We are like most married couples. The longer we are together, the more we become like one another. We mimic each other's habits, finish each other's sentances and have learned to enjoy the same... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?!?

Funny story. When I came up with the name for our website I thought I was being cleaver. The name was catchy; flowed off the tongue; was easy to remember; is actually who we are and hinted at the reason I created the site in the first place. So, I did a google search, found... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Valley State Park

If you remember last week I told you I'd found my happy place. After visiting Waco Mammoth National Monument, being swallowed by the vast caverns of Carlsbad, strolling across the ever shifting sands of White Sands, walking among the Petroglyphs of the Three Rivers Site and sleeping beside a field of lava at the Valley... Continue Reading →

Valley of Fires Recreation Area

After spending the morning at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site we headed to the Valley of Fires Recreation Area located .4 miles west of Carrizozo off 380. The camping area was divided into two sections. The first section is a paved area that sits above the lava flow and has a combination of electric and non-electric... Continue Reading →

White Sands and Del Taco

After our disappointment in Artesia and a trip down the Big Scary Mountain we were finally on our way to White Sands National Monument. Come along with us as we continue our journey though this mysterious landscape. When I looked out across the vast expanse of desert, dunes, and sand in New Mexico it was... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: Fishing: The Path

Coronavirus On July 1st Mr. McGee came home from work feeling ill. On July 2nd he was tested for the coronavirus. He suffered through 5 days of fever, chills, congestion and exhaustion before he started to feel a little better. The whole time we were anxiously awaiting his test results. On July 11th he finally... Continue Reading →

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