The Old Natchez Trace: Natchez Trace Parkway MP 198.6

Near Mathiston, Mississippi, in Choctaw County we came upon MP 198.6 and the historic marker for The Old Natchez Trace. It's here where we learned how the trail became a road. In 1800 congress established a postal route from Nashville Tennessee to Natchez Mississippi. In 1801 the US Army began clearing the trace trail between... Continue Reading →

Bullen Creek : Natchez Trace Parkway MP 18.4

Our next stop on the NTP reminded me of the History Channel series Life After People! America looked much different before European settlers molded and reshaped the land with their hands, plows, and chainsaws. Once dense mature forests were turned into flat barren farmland. Loess soil, protected by heavy vegetation quickly eroded when exposed to... Continue Reading →

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