Napier Mine : Natchez Trace Parkway MP 381.8

The pit that you see here is not another sinkhole. It is the remains of an iron ore mine that began operations around 1820. The deed to the ore bank was granted in 1826. When operating at full production the company employed 60 men at the mine. These men (miners) used pickaxes to free the... Continue Reading →

It’s Been a Good Run…but

You know the saying, All Good Things Must Come to an End! With a little sadness and a lot of excitement we are announcing it is time to retire our trusty old travel companion, The Adventure Wagon. She's been real good to us. We've gone on many adventures together between 2018 and 2021 and you'll... Continue Reading →

Blood, Sweat, Beads & Travel

Those who follow with some regularity know that I make and sell beaded jewelry as a way to help cover the cost of our travel and this website. What you don't know is that we've had trips to the Everglades, Big Bend National Park, and the Grand Canyon all in the works. Two of these... Continue Reading →

Travel Markers

I've discovered a new way to incorporate my love for beads with my love for travel. I'm making beaded rocks to use as travel markers. A significant spot in each state will have it's own beaded rock. Will I leave them behind? Maybe. Can you guess where these are going?

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