Trip Tally: Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee

8 Day Road Trip Itinerary Day 1: Brevard County to Ruth B. Kirby Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park, Florida - Distance 275 miles - Daily Expense Gas, Food, Camp fees $32.48 Day 2: -Clear Springs Recreation Area, Homochitto National Forest, MS Distance 619 miles - Daily Expense Gas, Food, Camp fees $171.29 Day 3: -... Continue Reading →

Noccalula Falls Campground

Date Visited: 4/6/2019 Discovering the campground at Noccalula Falls was another of those wonderful "happystances" that occur when your well thought out plans go sideways. When we left Russell Cave National Monument we were headed to one of the well known caverns in the area to take the tour, unfortunately we took too long to... Continue Reading →

Alexander Springs: Not Just a Swimming Hole

Date Visited: 12/2/2018 Having suffered through two miserable nights of noise and rude neighbors we pulled stakes at Clearwater Lake Campground and headed for the campground at Alexander Springs. The Alexander Springs Recreation Area is well known for its first-magnitude springs by local residents and central Floridians. Pumping out 70 - 80 million gallons of... Continue Reading →

Clear Springs Campground

Date Visited: 5/3/2018 If you ever want to know more about your spouse or loved one, just spend a few days on the road. We are like most married couples. The longer we are together, the more we become like one another. We mimic each other's habits, finish each other's sentances and have learned to... Continue Reading →

Valley of Fires Recreation Area

Date Visited: 4/29/2018 After spending the morning at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site we headed to the Valley of Fires Recreation Area located .4 miles west of Carrizozo off 380. The camping area was divided into two sections. The first section is a paved area that sits above the lava flow and has a combination of... Continue Reading →

Camping and Hiking @ Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

Date Visited: 4/29/2018 When I was little I hated American history class. I liked ancient history. I liked learning about how the earth was formed, prehistoric animals, and astralopitecus pitecantrus, but learning American history with all the dates, battles, land grabs and purchases really wasn't my thing. At the time, I was a forward thinker.... Continue Reading →

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