When Spiders Attack! – Open Pond Campground : Conecuh National Forest

Date Visited: 4/7/2019

We were headed south and back to flat land. Although I gave Mr. McGee the option of scheduling the second half of our vacation (he said he wanted to do a vacation on the fly without planning) he realized that he had no idea where he wanted to go. So we headed back to Florida.

I suggested that instead of making another really long 14 hour drive (like we did the previous year) that we should stop half way and check out a national forest we had never visited. He agreed and ta-da we ended up at the Conecuh National Forest just outside the Florida border.

The forest was a typical southern pinewood. The Open Pond campground was on a lake and there were a small number of lakeside sites still available. They weren’t private and we felt rather exposed in our little SUV so we opted to take a site on the backside of the circle where not a soul was camping. There are four loops, two developed, two primitive. The site we chose was in one of the developed loops. Other than the cars driving back to their campsites along the lake we felt totally isolated – which as you know is how we like it.

Now, if you remember we have had more than one run ins with spider infested bathrooms in the forest. It’s to be expected. The forest is their home. We’re not complaining, just making an observation. But boy do I have a spider story to share with you.

We went to see the shower facility and bathrooms. I was ready to wash my hair, have some chow, and hang out with hubby. The facility at Open Pond was designed with the bathrooms on one side of the building and the showers on the other. The bathrooms were clean enough and well stocked. The campground host did a great job considering we arrived one day after their busiest weekend of the season.

But I have to tell you about the women’s showers. I opened the door to the only available unit and at first glance it looked fantastic. That was until I stepped in. I stuck my head around the divider wall that separated the shower from the dressing area and the biggest eight legged freak I’ve ever seen in my life actually chased me across the bathroom floor and out into the covered walkway between the showers and the bathrooms!.

Have you ever been chased by a 3″ wide spider? Imagine the scariest movie you’ve ever watched and then throw in real, hairy, creepy, enormous, man-eating spiders! I thought for sure I’d have nightmares that night. Needless to say, I skipped the shower.

The spider quickly retreated back into the shower before Mr. McGee came out of the men’s bathroom. When I told him what happened he thought I was exaggerating. That was until I talked him into opening the women’s shower door and it came after him too. The dang thing was protecting it’s territory! I quickly realized why that unit was empty!

Now I really try to live a life of do no harm, but I’m telling you I will never camp in another national forest campground without being armed with a big ol’ can of spider killing bug spray! If they come after me… it’s game on!

Even without the shower the rest of the night was relaxing. We had a nice dinner, relaxed in the dark of the forest, and watched the fireflies.

The next morning we headed home, but not without first stopping by the Osceola National Forest to do a little recon for future camping trips. The Ocean Pond (funny from Open Pond to Ocean Pond) campground was okay and we’d stay there if we were in the area, but it wasn’t a destination. We also stopped by Hog Pen Landing… NOPE… NEVER!

Since the rest of our vacation consisted of various day trips to locations around the state of Florida I’ll do a trip summary next week.

Until then…

Open Pond Campground 
Conecuh National Forest 
Andalusia, AL 
Latitude : 31.0911538327
Longitude :  -86.5456207044
Hosts Contact Numbers:
Loop C: 334-222-2473
Loop D: 334-222-3676

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