How it Began

We’re the McGees. In 2018, finding ourselves empty nesters, we took our first real vacation. We loaded the SUV with a mattress & pillows, our camera, dehydrated food, water, and a few camping essentials then headed west from Florida.

That trip changed our lives forever. It was the first time Mrs. McGee saw the desert and the first time in our marriage we spent two full weeks alone together.

The longer we were on the road the more something stirred inside us. A strong yearning to live among the cactus, and the redwood, and the pines, and canyons grew. We realized how many beautiful destinations this country of ours had to offer.

Our dream is to visit as many of the National Parks, Forest, Conservation Lands, and Wildlife Refuge Systems as we can while also exploring the numerous state parks along the  way.

Too young to retire and too old to wait any longer, we’re searching for a way to leave behind the secure life and live out our dream. This is our journey.

We hope you join us next week when we start our journey by visiting Florida’s Tallest Waterfall.

Until then… take care and enjoy the journey!

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    1. Thank you! We’re putting minimalism to the test! It may sound crazy, but we actually love sleeping in our little cave. We’re still researching our long-term set up, possibly a Sprinter, but for now our little blue adventure-wagon does the job.


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