Watch Us Add a Removable Table to the Van

We love traveling in our van, but we also love eating well. That’s why we decided to add a table to our van to eat on. It makes a huge difference now that we can sit down and enjoy our meals comfortably, instead of balancing plates on our laps or eating outside in bad weather. The table is removable and easy to store when we’re not using it.

Watch the video to see how easy it was to install.

There are more benefits to just getting up off the floor to eat, it also doubles as a work desk or a card table when we want some entertainment. Having a table in our van has improved our travel experience by making our trips more comfortable.

If your interested in adding something like this to your van, RV, or boat this is the table leg we received from our daughter as a gift: Table Leg / Detachable / Height Adjustable / Aluminum Alloy / 360 Degree Rotation.

For the table surface we used a thick kitchen cutting board for its ease of cleaning and resistance to stains, but it was slick and we have since added a cover to keep things from sliding around. We made ours out of “leather” and it can be removed. For now it works. Maybe someday we’ll change it out for a nice piece of hardwood.

As for the table leg itself, it’s design provided us with convenience and flexibility in our living space. Here are some of its features and benefits:

  • Detachable: The table leg can be easily removed from its base mount and stored away when not in use. This saves space and allows you to use the floor area for other purposes.
  • Height adjustable: The table leg can be extended or retracted to adjust the height of the table according to your needs. You can use it as a dining table, a coffee table, a laptop desk, or anything else you want.
  • Aluminum alloy: The table leg is made of aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, lightweight, and durable. It can withstand harsh environments and last for a long time.
  • 360 degree rotation: The table leg can rotate 360 degrees from two different positions, giving you more flexibility and options for placing and using the table. You can swivel the table to face any direction you want, or move it closer or farther from you.

The Table Leg / Detachable / Height Adjustable / Aluminum Alloy / 360 Degree Rotation is easy to install and does not require complicated tools or operations. It is suitable for large vehicles such as RVs, yachts, and motorhomes. It can also be used with any tabletop of your choice. You can find this product on Amazon at this link:

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