Glenrock Branch : Natchez Trace Parkway MP 364.5

Date Visited: 4/5/2019

Today we leave Alabama and cross into Tennessee.

Even though we were less than 100 miles from the end of the parkway, I found it necessary to slow down a bit and give my body a little time to recover. We had been moving along and taking in a good number of sites at a pretty quick pace. So when we reached Glenrock Branch and I saw how steep the trail down to the picnic area was I decided to stay behind and let Mr. McGee take control of the camera.

The reason I had wanted to stop at Glenrock was to test out the natural acoustics. Bordering the creek, the limestone bluff forms a natural amphitheater.

When I was a young girl (still in high school) I was an avid choir singer taking any part in a musical or live performance where I had a chance to belt out a few notes.

I’m not saying that I considered myself a good singer, but I did score a few solos as the lead soprano. Looking back on my high school experience in total, I now realize that recognition doesn’t always equate to raw talent. Since then my singing career is restricted to long car rides and long hot showers.

Anyway, I had seen pictures of the area on the internet while I was researching places to see along the parkway. It looked like a beautiful little stop and so I talked Mr. McGee into going down to take some pictures for me so that I could live vicariously.

(No, I couldn’t talk him into trying out the acoustics for me and believe me I tried.)

This was his first time using the DSLR and trying to decide what to photograph. Personally I think his shots are just as good mine.

I had forgotten to tell him to make sure to take a picture of the balancing flat rock that you see in the right hand side of the picture above. Fortunately his keen eye had spotted it and although he didn’t use the zoom lens, I’m happy he had taken the shot.

During my research I couldn’t find anything significant about this stop other than it’s natural qualities and that it is a popular picnic area during warmer weather. If you don’t care to compare the sound quality to that of your shower, you could probably skip this stop.

At our next point of interest we get to drive our vehicle down a portion of the Old Trace.

Until then…

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