When We Aren’t Camping, We’re Fishing! Check out this video!

Because we are years from retirement, we can’t camp all the time. We’d like to travel full-time, but it just isn’t possible right now. So, what do we do when we aren’t camping? Well, we take the local trails when the weather is right and we fish!

As we catch you up to current events with our camping adventures on Wednesdays and the occasional handmade jewelry creation on Tuesdays, we’ll also post a few fishing videos on Fridays. Don’t worry, just like we don’t write jewelry articles unless there is something new to show or share, we won’t publish any fishing videos unless we catch something worth your time. You just have to hate those guys who lure you in with promises of big fish and then let you down with a 12″ Mangrove Snapper. Yeah, it’s big for its species, but it isn’t a big fish. On the other hand, a few 20-24″ black drum are a little more fun to watch and every once in a while, we catch something over 36″.

Why are we going to start posting fishing videos? Because it’s a part of who we are, what we like to do, and another way that we try to stay connected with the outdoors and our food sources. We eat what we catch and as fish has to be a large part of Mrs. McGee’s diet, we try to make sure those sources of fish are pure and clean by catching them ourselves.

So, with fishing videos in mind … watch this!

We hope you enjoyed the video!

Next Wednesday we take you for a little tour of our new Travel vehicle that you will see in upcoming travel stories so be sure to tune in then.

As always thanks for visiting, take care, and enjoy the journey!

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