Meet the McGees

The Great American Road Trip has made a comeback, but with a twist. With our minimalistic approach to van camping, we’ll show you how to travel the United States and explore the National Parks and State Parks while making travel more affordable with a few hacks. Do more in less time, with less money.

Today’s traveler is more cost conscious than ever. Long gone are the days of staying in sleezy roadside motels or paying for an expensive hotel you only sleep in. Their solution (and ours) is the return to car camping. Some do it with a tent, some a truck and some a hammock. We started out in our SUV and recently upgraded to an E-350 Econoline.

We began traveling late in life and we’re trying to make up for lost time. Like most in our generation, we MUST work full-time. But, what we’ve discovered is you can travel with health problems, hold down a job, live, and travel simply and with the right mindset – you can live your best life ever.

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