Oh So Many Deer at Lake Whitney State Park

What a day this has been! We left the place of my childhood dreams and headed north. The clouds were building and it looked like we were in for a wet night. In all we drove 381 miles from Kincaid Campground with a stop in Waco before finally camping at Lake Whitney State Park. We... Continue Reading →

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Mammoths & Camels in Texas?

When I was a little girl I wanted to become a paleontologist - a real life down on bad knees, aching back, dirt under your nails, leather-skinned paleontologist. But life happens; college is expensive; I realized it probably wasn't a practical dream and I went into business management where I could receive free on the... Continue Reading →

Bugs, Spiders & The Kincaid Recreation Area

We said goodbye to Falling Waters State Park and started driving west. Our plan was to make good time by driving the interstates as we headed to the Kisatchie National Forest and the Kincaid Recreation Area where we planned to stay for the night, but road construction, distracted drivers and more than our fair share... Continue Reading →

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Florida’s Tallest Waterfall

Day one - Falling Waters State Park Our first adventure began with a little change in scenery. We left the space coast and headed toward the northwest corner of the state where we stopped at Falling Waters State Park to camp for the night. After driving for almost 8 hours, and crossing one time zone,... Continue Reading →

How it Began

We're the McGees. In 2018, finding ourselves empty nesters, we took our first real vacation. We loaded the SUV with a mattress & pillows, our camera, dehydrated food, water, and a few camping essentials then headed west from Florida. That trip changed our lives forever. It was the first time Mrs. McGee saw the desert... Continue Reading →

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