A Cheaper Alternative to those EXPENSIVE Portable Toilet Bags

Everyone knows inflation has gone through the roof. To make matters worse, shrinkflation seems to be a growing trend as well.

While gathering supplies for our last trip we noticed the price of those nifty little portable toilet bags not only increased by almost $5 a box, but with some brands the item count decreased from 10 to six as well. DOUBLE WHAMMY!

But you have to admit that they are super convenient. The bag inside a double zipper bag, the dark concealment color, and how can you beat the odor control and solidifying benefits of the added gel. When you put all those things together you have a winning solution to your ON-THE-GO bathroom needs. Yes, corny pun intended.


Fortunate for us, we don’t live on the road full-time yet. However, if you do and don’t have the luxury of sewer hookups in your van, the increased cost of the more popular bag brands could add up quickly. I mean it’s not like you can just quit going to the bathroom and who wants to be the person that wanders out and does their business on the fringe of a campsite that some other family may be using in the near future – GROSS, RIGHT!

Well, I set out to find a cheaper solution – and a much cheaper solution is what I found. Watch the video below to see how I solved the expense problem without compromising all the great benefits of those more expensive bags like; not having to carry a drippy grocery bag, or worse yet an accidental spill! And you’ll still be able to zip it all up to keep in any unpleasant smells.

So here is all you’ll need to get the job done, minus the paper!




Cost Comparison (current prices as of publish date)

The old bags:

  • 12 Reliance Bags $39.99 ($3.33 each)
  • 1 stick of EcoGel @ $1.36
  • Total Cost = $4.69

The New Method:

  • 2 gal ziplock @ $0.30
  • 1 TripTips Toilet Bag @ $0.40
  • Capful of Lasyl Powder @ $0.26
  • Total Cost= $0.96

That’s a savings of $3.73 a bag. If you are not traveling alone and need a bag a day, that equals a savings of $1361.45 a Year!!!! I hope this helps you save a little money at a time when we could all use a few extra grocery and gas bucks.

If you’re curious about other ways you might be able to save some cash, check out our gear page to see how we first made do with our little SUV and then saved a fortune by not buying an RV and converting an old E-350 into our comfy little campervan.

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