UFO’s, Aliens, & Two Geeky Middle-Aged Kids

Date Visited: 4/30/2018

So far our trip has been filled with natural wonders, the history of our planet, ice age giants, lost cultures and the drawings they left behind, but this week we take a slightly different look at history. One that questions whether all historical records are actually true at all. Yes, I’m talking UFOs and alien conspiracy!

Growing up often means setting aside your childhood imagination and adopting a more realistic view of the world and that’s were most of us find ourselves. For the lucky few that childlike innocence that lets you believe in bigfoot and the loch ness monster lives on. And sometimes there is a fuzzy little grey area where what is real and imaginary blurs between the lines. This is the domain of conspiracy theories, innuendo, and places like the International UFO Museum & Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico.

Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t tinfoil hat wearing conspirators. Unidentified Flying Object simply means it hasn’t been identified, which does not necessarily equate to something sinister originating from outside our atmosphere. That said, it doesn’t exclude this possibility either and that’s why so many people have been drawn to the mystery of the Roswell UFO incident – ourselves included.

Mr. McGee and I have been accused of being realist on more than one occasion. We are always in search of the rational, logical, plausible explanation. Paranoia is not necessarily in our wheelhouse, but as we entered the doors of the museum we both had this strange sensation that someone (or something) was watching. Was it big brother? Was it some secret or rogue government agency? Was it aliens or body-snatchers?

All joking aside the museum was a little bit of hokey mixed with a lot of paper trail that can send you hours down into the rabbit hole. The more we read, the more we began to wonder what really happened in the pasture on July 4, 1947.

Roswell Incident Timeline of Events

The museum houses a large collection of photographs, newspaper articles, personal recollections, sworn statements, redacted government documents, and small pieces of “evidence” which all seem to point toward some kind of actual coverup. What’s the the real story? I suppose only a few will ever know.

I found the carved replica of “The Palenque Astronaut” taken from the lid of a tomb belonging to the Mayans of Mexico especially interesting.

Taking into consideration that the Mayan people were incredibly advanced in the fields of science, mathematics, medicine and astronomy, one can only wonder if their culture was in some way influenced by an ancient alien visitation.

On the lighter side omage is paid to the influence of science fiction writers of the 20th century with this display representing the robot from the 1951 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still based on the 1940 short story Farewell to the Master by Harry Bates.

Among some of the other displays are depictions of scenes from the infamous Alien Autopsy and other movie props. These displays captivated the older kids and scared a few of the more sensitive ones, but overall I think it’s a a great place to visit for most children young and old alike.

There are a number of great pieces of artwork depicting aliens and the heavens that I won’t post here because I don’t have the artist permission, but trust me when I say some were absolutely fantastic.

That’s my dork!

Of course our favorite part was the display of the aliens and their ship. You can watch a short little piece below.

The average person would spend about 30 – 45 minutes here giving you a chance to watch the saucer show once. There’s also a more adult short film in the theatre we found very interesting.

Now I said the average person would spend about 30 minutes here, but I think we were there for at least 2 hours. We read just about everything there was to read because the truth is out there!

I’m really glad we took this light-hearted adventure because at our next stop we were stalked by mountain lions in the Serengeti! Well not quite, but more about that next week.

International UFO Museum & Research Center 
114 N. Main St. 
Roswell, NM  88203 

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    1. Definitely a unique place. If you make it back to the area, there is a famous food truck turned restaurant called Chef Toddzilla’s in downtown Roswell that serves world famous burgers. They were closed on the day we arrived, but we’ve been told on numerous occasions it is a “must do” in Roswell.

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