Peaceful Fort Parker State Park

We left Dinosaur Valley SP in Glen Rose, Texas and headed for Fort Parker State Park to camp for the night.

We found a nice secluded spot in the back of the park and set up camp. We were the only residents in our entire loop.

The weather was mild and we decided to take a walk. We’d seen two white-tailed deer on our way in and hoped to spot more on the trail behind our campsite. We didn’t have any luck with the deer, but the trail was a beautiful, shaded, and an ankle friendly walk.

Next, we checked out the bathhouse and decided that we’d take a shower at our next stop. Enough said about that. They were “doable” but we were winding down our journey and skipping a day wasn’t going to kill us since we’d mostly be driving the next day.

The park features a fishing pier where no fishing license is needed. We found out that fishing here is very popular on weekends and holidays. We decided that a couple of collapsible fishing poles would be standard equipment on all of our future journeys as we had ample time to relax by the water if we had been better equipped.

Instead we made use of the time we had left enjoying dinner, watching the sunset, and laughing at the frantic acting squirrels scurrying around the campsite before turning in for the night.

During the wee hours we were both awakened by something large sounding moving around in the woods between the riverbank and the SUV. The next morning Mr. McGee went to investigate and came to the conclusion that it was potentially a wild hog or two, or three.

Other than the minor disturbance the night was perfect. We were so well rested that we were awake before 6 am and ready to start another day. We were on our way to the Homochitto National Forest where we’d spend the hottest, and scariest, night of our journey. But more about that next week.

Until then…

Fort Parker State Park 
194 Park Road 28
Mexia, TX 76667
Latitude: 31.592347
Longitude: -96.526655
(254) 562-5751

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